The Importance of Always Being Right About Time

Don’t Be Alarmed

“Ding, ding, ding!” It’s six o'clock in the morning, and an iPhone alarm is sounding on a small bedside table next to a lamp and a half-drank cup of coffee. Industrious people all over the country groggily awaken to silence their jarring alarms and begin a day filled with never ending tasks and monotonous chores. From stay-at-home entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 executives, time is the common and unyielding taskmaster of the masses. Day in and day out people perform their roles in the never ending stage play of life.

Amy’s baby cried all night, and she didn’t fall asleep until 3:00 am. Jason dashed from his house with a bagel in one hand and an insulated coffee mug in the other, only to discover, to his great frustration, a flat tire. Amy will struggle all day to keep her eyes open as she visually scans through a spreadsheet of hundreds of contacts for her online apparel resale shop. And Jason? He’ll be at least an hour late for work, adding to his overwhelming inability to find enough leads for his company's newest product.

Later in the day, both will skip lunch in order to stay afloat, and by the time they get home they’ll be too tired to pay attention to their pets and loved ones. That night, they’ll drag their weary bodies into bed, only to wake up the next morning to the same annoying alarm and the same unending “to-do list.” According to a 2015 report by the Centers for Disease Control, insufficient sleep is a widespread health concern in the US. The report states that people fall asleep at their desks out of exhaustion, and accidents are being caused by equally fatigued drivers. So, budgeting time for rest is not only important—it's necessary!

Money is Time

Whether you are a self-employed entrepreneur or a salaried employee, the most revealing approach to understanding the problem with labor costs is to break down your pay into hourly units. For example, there are 261 working days in 2016. With an annual salary of $50,000, each hour of an eight hour working day would be equivalent to $23.94. However, if the example were ten hours, each hour would be worth $19.15, and the value only shrinks as time spent working increases. With this perspective, prioritizing tasks according to value becomes a highlighted component of any business model. In economics, the concept of scarcity dictates that your time is an asset in high demand and in limited supply.

Personal resources are drained in order to keep up with the demand. Is an hour of data entry worth $24? How about sifting through insurmountable spreadsheets, searching for a customer whose name you just can’t remember, for $12? Calculate how much time is being spent on tasks that could instead be automated. Eliminating wasted hours via automation adds up to big savings and, more importantly, an increase in quality of life. This time savings frees up humans to make connections, socialize, and create new visions for the future—what people, not computers, are intended to do. Suddenly, many exciting and worthwhile opportunities become available in place of tasks that were once draining your energy and resources.

Into the Deep End

Due to our flexibility we can offer new and relevant tools for any of our partners. This gives you an advantage over your competitors, because every business niche needs similar accessories in order to maintain an edge. And, that’s what CodePilot offers—a distinctive edge for your business. When businesses move over to our platform they will have a ready and tested treasure trove at their disposal, including exclusive access to our newest technologies.

One of our customers was frustrated with their data entry situation. Many hours were being diverted to navigating to a social media page and having employees manually transfer content from profiles of potential clients to their CRM. So, we created a custom solution for them to use in place of entering each of these lists of details—a web extension (soon to be released!) that "scrapes" the pages needing to be transferred and sends the candidates’ data where it's needed. Now, there's only one button to press instead of hours being spent typing away. Because of this one change, their time can be allocated to connecting with customers, meeting with potential candidates, and honing in on ways to further expand their business.

If you are standing on the high dive like a nervous ten-year-old, go ahead and take the plunge, because the only thing you have to lose are missed opportunities for expanding your customer base and increasing revenue potential. Significant and meaningful freedom is possible, and optimized automation is the key to unlocking this nearly unlimited potential. From marketing and sales, to organization and strategy, has you covered.

James David Wade

About James David Wade

James is an automation analyst for Twin Engine Labs' He also happens to be our chief documentarian and an excellent editor who enjoys helping our customers better understand what we do.