Don't Hire Another Professional Web Developer Until You Read This

Every ambitious business owner must be online, but having a website that merely functions simply isn't enough to be competitive in today's market, nor is a simplistic social marketing endeavor going to satisfy consumers. The modern world is full of tech savvy individuals who have much higher expectations than many realize, and businesses can no longer get away with subpar sites that have an outdated appearance or slow loading time. It's crucial to make sure that your site is up-to-date and impressive in order to reach consumers.

Can You Afford to NOT Have the Best?

It's important to realize that your online presence is never "one and done." There is an ongoing need for support, maintenance, system updates, configurations, integrations, evolving social marketing strategy, and security. If your website and online strategy isn't consistently maintained by a professional, there are many other inevitable factors that will encroach upon your success. Hiring a professional developer to setup your website and social presence without incorporating ongoing development is like to buying a single outfit and wearing it for ten years. Then, when people on the street begin to stare, you ask yourself why they are giving you funny looks.

Regardless of your opinion on creating engaging and optimized user experiences, the truth is that people react mercilessly to what they deem to be unappealing or difficult to maneuver. This means that no one cares about your budget or whether or not you think that your site is awesome. Visitors to your site only care about the impression your site makes when they click a link and navigate to your site or page and how the aesthetics and experiences make them feel (which is another important point to keep in mind when developing content—appealing to emotions).

According to Ken McCarthy, CEO of Chartbeat, and an extensive 2014 Time Magazine article, people only spend an average of 15 seconds on any given site. So, the first impression is key to determining if leads will become paying customers or if they will use another service with a snazzier, more appealing interface. Imagine the cost of losing hundreds or thousands of potential customers in lieu of hiring a professional team to handle your ongoing need for development. It's easy to see that the opportunity cost is worth the investment, and it's critical to remaining competitive in today's digital world.

Hiring Professional Developers

Typically, the first barrier for most business owners tends to be the cost of building, maintaining and expanding their online presence. Hiring a developer is a great strategy for optimizing your online presence if you have the budget to accommodate such an expense. The average mid-to-senior level web developer's salary hovers between $70K - $120K+, so it's important to be realistic about the cost associated with hiring a skilled and talented person to create a beautiful and engaging online presence for your brand.

With those salaries in perspective it's easy to understand why hiring a developer on a continuous basis is often both unrealistic and unaffordable. There are many options for one-time engagements with a professional developer, but there are also snags along the way. For example, many professionals only work with the technology they're comfortable with due to niche specialty such as WordPress (which can be incredibly complicated).

Finding such a developer isn't difficult, however, what happens when you want to make some important changes on the fly? Or, what if you need to update the visual aesthetics of your site in order to remain relevant? Such examples become problematic, because programmers have certain stylistic methods, and who knows if the same developer will be available when it's time to make some key changes on your site?

So, that developer may have to spend unknown hours attempting to understand how your initial site was configured initially before any true engineering hours are devoted to establishing your vision. Those hours aren't free, either. The same hypothetical developer will charge for exploration and research and development associated with learning how to work with what's already been established.

All of those fees add up to exponential costs, and may lead to incomplete work if you haven't appropriately budgeted for unknown or unexpected issues. What a nightmare. This isn't exactly hyperbolic or uncommon. I've encountered a number of sites that are incomplete, either missing content or having obvious missing components. The effect of such creates cognitive biases, such as causing users to think that the site isn't reputable or professional.

CodePilot—Increasing ROI and Lowering Costs

At we've taken the time to consider every aspect of potential issues and problems in order to deliver relevant solutions. We've also taken the average budgetary level into consideration—without skimping on skill. The engineers, developers, and analysts at CodePilot have decades of combined experience in delivering excellence along with insightful expertise in the software, web development, and "middleware" industries.

What we've developed at is a novelty "productized service" that allows you to increase functionality and the cost of our service as your business grows. We take care of every aspect of your technology needs, such as hosting, maintenance, support, and automation, all for $300/month per module and a base operations cost of $600/month. Our modules are solution-based, pre-configured scenarios that we can enable in a relatively short span of time, and this gets you and your business up and running without any of the frustrating hangups that frequently occur. Assuming that two active modules are being supported on our platform the price comes out to only $14,400 annually. As previously noted, hiring a full-time developer would easily exceed our comparatively affordable option. For example, most professional web developers would charge $150/hr. (or more) to perform the same automation work that we provide. So, when comparing CodePilot automation to custom engineering it's easy to see how the savings stack up.

CodePilot combines technologies and services similar to Zapier, MailChimp, and other software-as-a-service (SaaS) business-to-business products into one platform. We integrate, configure, automate, and store data all in one secure place. The (huge) savings of our service is easy to recognize when calculating the manifold costs of paying for several other services on a monthly or yearly basis and hiring a professional web developer to implement the your designated configurations and specifications. What makes it even better is that the automation experts at CodePilot are also skilled engineers. So, for about 15% of the average, talented web developer's salary you get an expert who's devoted to your projects.

When paying monthly, you can budget your technology expenses ahead of time. Begin by paying for what you can afford. Then, once you understand the amazing ROI that our automation platform delivers, you can expand your technology and automation endeavors to correspond with the increase in revenue. We only incorporate the latest and greatest technologies and services into our automation platform, and we make research and development one of our top priorities.

Tools and Processes to Get the Job Done

From Webflow and Stripe payments to the Slack messaging app and Trello, we always keep up with the trends and the needs of our customers. By incorporating Trello into our process in order to allow our customers to prioritize which automation actions are the most necessary and urgent, and we always ensure that the projects we devote our time to are the projects our customers label as high priorities.

We understand that saving time and increasing efficiency is at the top of every entrepreneur's list. The time savings involved in automation deliver instant ROI, because automation allows you to do the most important tasks, such as making new connections with leads and building stronger relationships with existing customers.

One aspect of the industry that we consistently remain cognizant of is that B2B sales isn't simply about higher lead conversion rates—it's about stable processes and smooth operations that increase revenue over time. Our combined experience and testing has ensured that nothing will ever slip through the cracks. We've encountered many of the potential bottlenecks, and this gives us the necessary foresight to ensure that your business stays on top of the latest technology trends and tools.

What Sets CodePilot Apart

Another key point is that we document everything. So, if you ever do decide to discontinue your CodePilot automation modules, we will hand over extensive documentation that details how we configured each scenario and module, along with access to our team for any follow up questions you or another developer might have when working with the code we developed to meet your automation needs. However, according to our other automation customers, it's unlikely that you'll ever want to let us go. The ROI and value speak for itself.

"We've only been working with CodePilot for a few months, but our productivity has already increased. This is definitely a long term relationship. We're just getting started!" —Mke Denzy, CEO, Real Esales, San Diego, CA

Notably, our customers receive regular communication and automation consulting directly from Keith Hanson, CEO of Twin Engine Labs and and our automation analysts. That's one thing that you won't get from one of the bigger companies. This combined with our high-touch nature creates a unique experience for anyone who decides to work with our automation team.

Currently, we support several large businesses with different needs and goals on our automation platform, with new customers being onboarded each month. Due to our flexibility and scalability, there is no limit to what's possible with CodePilot automation. In fact, we prefer to label ourselves as co-pilots, because we consistently aim to make our customers feel in charge of the entire automation and development experience. We do this by offering top-notch support, clearly defined goals, and ongoing documentation for each and every automation customer.

There's a reason why one of our customers nicknamed us The CodePilot Magicians. We know how to make complex solutions happen for any business, and our automation platform was built to "WOW" everyone. It isn't magic. It's hard work, sweat, ingenuity, and skill—all for an affordable and flexible price. That's what makes CodePilot the best automation platform and service available for anyone in the B2B market. You don't only need a website, and you definitely don't need to hire a web developer. You need a CodePilot

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