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There are many CRM or ERP platforms available to choose from, but most are either too expensive (such as charging per user on the account) or aren't user friendly. This is why CodePilot's Odoo configurations (instances) out-perform other platforms and services. CodePilot has a new, free CRM solution that will save more money for qualifying businesses.

Over 2,000,000 people currently use Odoo to grow their businesses. There are also a slew of large, well-known corporations such as Toyota who use Odoo to manage their workflows and processes—bolstering Odoo's reputation as a reliable platform.

Here are a few great reasons to start using our free Odoo solution:

Open Source

Unlike many of the big players in CRM and ERP platforms, Odoo can be downloaded as an open source alternative. This allows you to create your very own Odoo instance, and doing so makes Odoo completely free.

The only costs associated with hosting your own Odoo instance will be hosting fees for a server. If that isn't something you'd like to maintain (this isn't necessarily the easiest task to complete and it definitely requires some moderate technical literacy, but there are some benefits to doing so), then there are other options available as well.

CodePilot has created our own Odoo instances, and we support and maintain each one. We've also created extensive documentation on how Odoo works—something that is not available in detail anywhere online.

Our knowledge of Odoo gives us the expertise to create unique Odoo instances that work better than attempting to learn a system that lacks online documentation or support for installing the platform on your own.


If you decide to use CodePilot's Odoo instance, we will customize it to meet your unique needs and specifications. There are plenty of free add-ons and apps that can be incorporated into the platform. We also have the ability to create custom fields that you may need in order to have your processes work best.

If there is a field, tab, or other customization that you need, then there's very little limitation on what we can do. Instead of settling for CRM or ERP services that are set in stone, you can have a platform that gives you exactly what you want!

Having the ability to customize your CRM's interface is also well-suited for businesses that collect specific information, such as details about individuals. Some CRM's either limit or restrict your ability to create, edit, or delete fields. With our Odoo instances this is not an issue. We make Odoo malleable, with an emphasis on ease of use and quality of experience.

Apps and Add-ons

Odoo has many additional apps available that really showcase it's power and flexibility. For example, if you add the Inventory app to your Odoo instance, you can keep track of your stock or merchandise. This is incredibly useful for anyone who needs to keep up with the in and out flow of inventory.

There's also a Sales app, and this ties in with inventory. Having both will allow you to track which products are performing well and which aren't. In addition, the Sales app allows you to assign salespeople. There's also a sales pipeline (like Kanban).

Sales and touchpoints can get confusing, but when you assign a deal to a stage in your sales cycle, corresponding to the Kanban pipeline, you can keep everything better organized.

There are other apps available, both paid and free, that can improve your experience while using Odoo. Each of the paid downloads are one-time payments, and they are rated in Odoo's marketplace along with reviews from users.

Keep Track of Your Team and Sales Cycle

Plus, when a member of your sales team can move deals from one stage to another, revealing who is doing what and when. This enables your salespeople to work more cohesively as a true team. It also eliminates relying on exterior apps or services for doing similar task-tracking processes.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of Odoo apps: CRM, Invoicing, Point of Sale, Shops, Restaurants, Hardware, Subscriptions, Sign, Operations, Accounting, Project, Human Resources, Recruitment, Employees, Expenses, Appraisal, Fleet, MRP, Live Chat, and much more.

With so many apps and add-ons that don't require recurring costs, it's easy to see how powerful Odoo is for businesses. Simply pay for what you need, grow and change corresponding to your business, and maintain your autonomy. Using CodePilot's Odoo instances give you a level of freedom that you won't find with the other CRM or ERP services.


Odoo's API easily integrates with popular services such as Google Drive and Slack. One of the greatest benefits of using Odoo is that you can hook all of your favorite services to it. If your other services have an API to work with, the sky's the limit for the many variations of integrations.

Since Odoo uses a modern API, other services will be able to communicate with the platform. This allows your data to move among the apps and services you use and rely on. Having such free and flexible access to your data is invaluable.

Automation Capabilities

Being able to have stable integrations can also lead to more complex scenarios such as automation. With integrations come a myriad of automation possibilities. Some are simple and some are more complex in nature.

CodePilot specializes in automation that exceeds the status quo. There's nothing like our automation, and connecting everything will allow you to dive into CodePilot's extensive modules for automating everything.

From the transfer of information from web pages (aka scraping) into your CRM, to using logic based on actions to create more advanced email campaigns, CodePilot has created many solutions to meet the needs of all businesses.

Automation Modules to Ignite Marketing and Boost Productivity

CodePilot's automation engineers have created connectors and modules that offer real solutions. Here are a few examples to get your gears turning.


Discovering information about leads can be challenging, but with CodePilot's enrichment module this becomes a simple, automated task.

Whether your leads and contacts are coming from a spreadsheet, list, or CRM, our Enrichment Module can send your data through our complete discovery scenario.

Do you have a list of people from a company, but no email addresses? No problem! Are you looking for the social media handles for hundreds or thousands of leads? Easy-peasy. The CodePilot Enrichment Module handle those tasks and more.

This will enable you to gain the information you need in order to make the best possible connections with leads and contacts. You can never have too much knowledge and information for your marketing and sales strategy.


Have you ever found yourself checking your accounts nonstop, wondering what's going on with your business? Instead of the frantic double and triple checking, you can receive notifications when any actions take place.

Want to know when a payment was made? Our Notification Module is perfect for giving you alerts of that nature. There may be other notifications you wish to receive, and with our connectors we can create a module that will enable any such notifications.

Just let us know what information you want to be alerted about (or how) and CodePilot's connector will be able to format and synchronize your notifications across the platform.

Another possibility is having an automation module that gives you real-time insights about when contacts and leads are added to your CRM or when and if they are contacted and by whom. These insights will give you the edge you need in order to stay on top and in touch of your business.

Cold Emails

Keeping up with your cold email marketing campaigns can prove to be confusing and subject to error, but with our email module we take the knotted lines of communication and turn them into straight lines.

Our business-to-business cold Email Campaign Module is perfect for businesses of any size who want to send targeted emails to prospects in any market. Try this today and see the power of CodePilot's email module.

Not only can enhance notifications, it can also be used to create complex, action-based cold-email marketing campaigns with your CRM's contacts and leads!

Our automated emails are not only efficient—they're intelligent. Here are several assets that make our cold-email modules stand out from the crowd.

Educated Guesses

Another email module developed by the automation engineers is able to guess contacts and leads email addresses. This allows you to enrich your list of contacts and leads, and it also enables you to place them into an email campaign.

Having more data about contacts and leads is an asset to any business owner. Being able to discover email addresses with our module opens up a world of possibilities that would not exist otherwise.


If you've ever bought a list of leads or if you've ever wondered if your email data is accurate, then you have needed a way to "scrub" your email addresses. CodePilot has a module for this, too.

We can process your list of emails and generate a new list of contacts and leads with active and accurate email addresses. This saves you time, money, and energy, because you will know that you are only sending emails to legitimate accounts.

Unsubscribe Feature

Unfortunately, not everyone is as excited about your business as you (and we) are. For that purpose, we make sure that each email being sent via our email campaign module contains an option for unsubscribing from your list.

This also protects you from any potential recourses from sending cold emails. Having this feature in our cold email module will give you peace of mind instead of having an uninterested lead give you a piece of their mind.

Intelligent, Timed Sending

Our automation platform is able to assign statuses to contacts and leads that tells us which email to send, who should receive it, and when to send it.

This orchestrated scenario is all within the confines of one CodePilot module, and it smoothes over frustrating challenges, like timing and sending introductory emails to the same person twice.

Each of these features showcase how much thought went into developing our email modules. We never settle for second best, so we developed strategic tools for email campaigns that are sure to "wow" our customers.

We have tested these features tens of thousands of times in live, active accounts. Weekly, we generate over 1.5 million events for our automation customers. This ranges from emails sent to data being transferred from one location to another.

CodePilot's Pricing Model

Instead, we charge you based on the number of active modules we are maintaining on your account. Our modules start at $300/month (with a small setup fee), and this includes support, maintenance, regular automation consulting, and continuous fine tuning of your scenarios.

We are a "white glove" service, offering only the best to our partners, and we do so at the lowest possible cost. Larger services don't offer custom automation for their customers, and if they do it will cost you anywhere between $150-$250 per hour (the price of hiring an software developer)!

Price Comparison

Using Odoo via their official site will cost at least $25/user each month. Other CRM's charge comparable prices, and the cost is typically calculated according to the number of users on your account. These costs add up slowly over time, eventually leading to high yearly costs.

This is another way that CodePilot outshines the competition. Not only do we setup an Odoo instance for you, but we will never charge you according to how many users are on the account (per team).

By comparison, CodePilot is a steal. With both affordability and pricing to match the level of your automation complexity, CodePilot delivers what no other service or product offers: affordable custom automation and pre-made and pre-tested modules.

CodePilot and Odoo + You = Winning Team

What if you could have a customized CRM created just for you? CodePilot will give you this and more with no other obligation other than meeting with us to discuss your automation needs.

Instead, we'll show you the possibilities available to anyone who partners with CodePilot, and we'll let you decide whether or not our automation modules are a good fit for your business. In addition, we offer pricing based on delivering specific solutions that you select.

If you decide to up your automation game to the next level, there will be more modules and connectors waiting in the wings when you're ready.

Our experience, quality, and cost savings make CodePilot's Odoo instances the best possible choice for anyone needing a customizable CRM or ERP and automation for their growing business. Schedule a meeting today and get started for free with Odoo!

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