What Is An Automaton?

What Is CodePilot.io?

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a moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being.

Some of our marketing materials mention an "automation engine", or what we have lovingly called Automaton (an internal name for the platform that drives our automation scenarios).

The definition for an automaton couldn't describe better what we were going for when we built our automation engine. For us at Twin Engine Labs, we apply automation to just about everything we do, from commits posting to chat channels, to graphing performance over time for our marketing.

Automaton replaces a lot of tasks that you might do as a salesperson or entrepreneur doing outreach and trying to capture leads or start conversations with key decision makers or influencers.

Full Stack Marketing

Today, you need to master many different technologies at each stage of the funnel, answering questions like:


  1. How will we attract visitors via search engines?
  2. How much will it cost to pay for advertising conversions?
  3. How do we increase word of mouth?
  4. How do we scale our outbound communication with prospects?
  5. How do we find more contacts to connect with?


  1. What tools can we use to create conversion focused landing pages?
  2. How do we easily manage our website, the website's content?
  3. What content offering can we create that converts?


  1. How do we get our visitors to see our ads again?
  2. What tools should we choose for newsletter management?
  3. How do we get all of the tracking and metrics integrated into our CRM?
  4. How do we alert our activated prospects and leads of new information?


  1. How do we tie a sale into all of our metrics and tools?
  2. How do we ensure a high quality product for every customer?
  3. How do we capitalize on happy customer moments automatically?


  1. How do enable our customers to tell other people about us?
  2. What tools are available to make this a first priority for our company?
  3. How do we roll out offers for our referral network?

Where do you start?

Current Solutions

Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, SalesForce. You've surely heard of these services if marketing automation has popped up on your radar.

All of these tools focus on the following:

  1. Content
  2. Landing Pages & Forms
  3. CRM Integration (or they provide a custom one)
  4. E-mail campaigns with limited flexibility.

What they lack

In doing so, their tools are often a shallow representation of a solution to the core problems you have in the funnel above. At Twin Engine Labs, we've always been driven to use the cutting edge tools that make our lives a LOT easier a LOT faster, rather than adopt solutions that require lots of training or are cumbersome to pay for.

These are companies like: Autopilot, Instapage, Segment.com, Mixpanel, Textur, Amazon Redshift, and many others.

They focus on a single problem and solution, and they all do their jobs incredibly well. The tricky part about this is making them all talk to one another, though. Which leads most people back to the major vendors in the space, dissatisfied with the costs.

How Automaton Fills the Gaps

Automaton allows us to do many things.

Are you creating an e-mail list? Automaton can help you find contacts, guess their e-mail addresses, add them to a contact list, and send your e-mail, just as if you had done this yourself as a salesperson.

Are you running ads? Automaton can make sure your tracked conversions end up in your most convenient reporting tools the way you need them to be seen.

Are you trying to re-capture interested parties that clicked through an ad or e-mail? Re-marketing tools like Perfect Audience to the rescue, integrated into your sales process via Automaton.

Are you managing hundreds of keywords a day? Want to make them automatically optimized? No problem. We can write custom Adwords scripts that talk to multiple systems to determine what to run and what to pause.

How Automaton Makes Sales Departments Happy

How many times have you gotten a lead list to begin researching, only to receive a URL as your only data? How many hours have you spent clicking the link, finding contacts on LinkedIn, recording their titles, first names, and last names, and then using multiple other tools to guess the information, just to give them a ring?

That scenario doesn't happen when Automaton is integrated into your company's CRM. Once integrated, Automaton allows sales people to simply tag a new lead in their CRM of choice, and it does the rest.

Like magic, you'll watch new information pop up into your CRM as Automaton does the legwork you used to do.

How Automaton Makes Marketing Departments Happy

Data. Visualizations. Warehouses. Analytics. Conversion rates. Costs per click, impression, and conversion.

That is the language of the modern marketer. Gone are the days of the Mad Men, gut hunch, massive budgets and carpet bomb campaigns of the past.

Today, modern marketers must master everything from content to adwords to conversion funnels to landing pages to e-mail campaigns.

Today's tools only cover a fraction of those needs, and combining all of their insights into a single source of information is challenging.

Combine the above requirements for data and visualization with the mutual requirement for clean data, and most B2B marketing operations wouldn't qualify as "modern" or ready for a full stack marketing effort.

Automaton ensures data consistency

Because Automaton is built to do repeated tasks the same way every time, it ensures that your contact information is always up to date with things like a prospect's e-mail activity, their website activity, and any other key processes in your business.

This allows marketers to be confident they have the right data in their pipeline at the right time, without over burdening their sales departments with strict documentation and overhead to an already difficult job.

Automaton Allows You To Measure, Not Guess

Automaton lets you marry data from everywhere in your business, allowing you to see finely grained details from nurture campaigns, see how the interaction between those campaigns and re-marketing correlates, or just dig in and see what a single customer did across every touch point in your entire marketing effort.

We do this with modern data warehousing techniques, which is a fancy way of saying we store data from everything we automate and build in a scalable, cloud database that allows you to cross reference information from any part of your prospects' life cycles.

Without the software engineering muscle that Automaton brings to the table, it is a very large effort to build a system that answers all your burning questions after your try something new.

With Automaton, new experiments can be setup in days, with the full power of all your previously automated tasks behind them (outbound, inbound, ads, and analytics data).

How do you get started with Automaton?

Automaton is not a product that we sell by itself. It is part of a suite of services that provides monthly packages for your continued use and insight.

We work with you to integrate it as deeply into your business or marketing efforts as you'd like, and make recommendations on what can be automated easily (no cost) or what might need custom engineering (extra, one-time costs).

From there, you can add or cut services as you see fit, and we will continually keep your core tools (CRM, Analytics, etc) up to date as you integrate more layers into your campaigns.

Who knows... maybe you'll ask us to automate social selling for you next! (we can do that!)

Ready to make your sales and marketing departments love you?