Four Frustrating Business Bottlenecks Solved by Automation

We’re all familiar with bottlnecks. Maybe it’s the old lady paying with a check at Target the day before Christmas when exactly two registers are open. Maybe it’s the minivan full of over-sugared toddlers on the way to the beach when you hit the construction zone in which the guys directing traffic are all apparently taking a mental-health break. In business, bottlenecks come in all shapes as sizes, but essentially, they are those slow, cumbersome tasks that bring the momentum of your sales to a halt. Many of these bottlenecks can be solved with simple automation, meaning you get your deals closed (and maybe your kids to the beach, too).

Marketing & Lead Generation.

If you were to search “Finding Leads” on Google, you’d get over 120,000,000 results, so if anything, you know the struggle is real and you’re not alone. Tracking down leads through friends, acquaintances, social media, or out-bound advertising takes time – sometimes a lot of time, and maybe time your business can’t afford to waste. CodePilot’s automation tools to the rescue!

We can blow this bottleneck wide open. Maybe you want us to generate lists of email contacts targeted toward your specific market. Done. You’ll get a new list every month! Maybe you want us to go one step further and automate your first introductory emails to those potential customers. Can do. No more writing individual cold emails. And if they interact with those emails? We can automate follow-up emails or automatically schedule a phone call or meeting for you.

Need a social presence? Maintaining multiple social media accounts and actually using them to communicate with potential clients can take hours out of your day. We can automate that! Everything from posting content, liking, following, and even direct messaging can be automated and linked up across platforms. Combined with effective remarketing, you’ve got a very inexpensive alternative to long-term SEO & content marketing efforts. And we can begin immediately.

How is it possible that complex problems like this can be made so simple? CodePilot's strength is its flexibility. You know what works and what doesn't, and CodePilot can be configured to incorporate and enhance your existing complex processes, but handle all the manual work while still providing any hooks for real human decision-making whenever you see fit (this can be anything from a "Yes" or "No" prompt that pops into a Slack channel to a scheduled meeting!). Our modular design means that every infinitely-configurable link in the chain is an opportunity to connect additional functionality.

Tracking & Organizing Your Customers.

If you’re still with us from step one, you know that CodePilot can generate a huge amount of potential leads for you automatically each month. We can even contact them and get the ball rolling for your ultimate deal. But now you’re tasked with keeping track of all of these contacts and your interactions with them. What is their name, contact information, social media accounts? What services are they interested in? What is their budget? Do they have a timeline?

Maybe you already have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. If so, awesome! We can connect your CRM to our automation solutions to get even more use out of it. But if you’re still using spreadsheets (or worse), we can also set up a CRM for you to manage all of your contacts and where they are on your pipeline. We’ve had previous customers actually miss paying opportunities because they weren’t keeping good track of their leads and where they were in the sales cycle. We built them a system that keeps the right team member notified when a new sale comes in and tracks that customer through every step of the sale, all the way to completion.

Invoicing and Bookkeeping.

Speaking of payday, CodePilot can save you time, emails, paper (you’re still using paper?) and possible costly errors. With the click of a button, you can mark a project completed and have an invoice sent automatically. Once that invoice is paid, we can automatically update your CRM, your invoicing software, and a couple of legacy systems.

Our customer we mentioned above? We set up an automation solution for them so that when a deal reached completion, the team member marked the deal as closed, charged the client through the system we built, and then the system automatically sent the client a receipt and a welcome package. This combination of tasks, when done individually and by hand, would have taken a huge amount of time on the part of the team member. We remove that hassle and any margin for error by automating the entire process.

< Insert Your Problem Here >

Here’s where CodePilot really outshines our competitors. Maybe the solution your business really needs doesn’t exist yet. We can build one or more custom solutions to suit your specific needs. The only bottleneck you need to worry about is the one on your cold beer after a great workday!