The 3 Most Important Things to Know When Selecting an Automation Tool

You’ve heard that old saying, “Time is money,” right?

One of the most effective and affordable ways to put that principle to work for your company is automation. Common tasks that are time consuming or create bottlenecks in your workflow can be made to happen automatically with minimal fuss from you.

This applies to everything from keeping your clients and their information updated and organized to landing prospective clients. As a business person, you have two main options for automating your business. You can buy premade automation solutions from a company like Zapier, or you can use custom automation (automation solutions made specifically for your situation) from CodePilot. So when do you not use a company like Zapier, with an affordable, self-serve, easy to use product?

  1. Real Problem Solving. Let’s say you’re not feeling so hot – headache, fever, uncontrollable shouting of Barbara Streisand lyrics. In short, you need help and you need it now, but you’re not a doctor. So you have two choices: you can grab everything ending in “-Quil” from CVS and cross your fingers, or you can go to a doctor (white coat, M.D., old magazines in the waiting room – the real deal) and get an actual diagnosis.

We at CodePilot aren’t doctors, but we’d be happy to take a look at it. Your business, that is. We know business, from one-man startups to high-powered corporations, and we can spot bottlenecks in a business in the first conversation. What’s slowing you down? What’s causing headaches for new employees? What could improve if you only had more time? Sometimes you’ll already know these answers, but sometimes there will be solutions you’d never thought of or didn’t know were possible. Sometimes the solution might be complex, unique to your specific company. What then? We build it for you. That’s what’s at the heart of custom automation: the combination of people who understand automation technology and people who understand business and workflow.

Are there other automation companies that cost less? Yes! Zapier is a great example. They have dozens of automation scenarios to choose from, all pre-made, beginning at around $20 per month. But will they talk with you about your business model, funding plans, marketing efforts? Will they diagnose your weak points? Will they build a custom tool for your unique needs?


  1. You Don’t Need to Know it All.

Many of our clients still have home phones and use AOL. But you know what?

CodePilot is a safe place, and we’re not here to judge (much). A client shouldn’t have to be particularly tech savvy to enjoy the benefits of automation, and we pride ourselves on making our products easy to use and to understand. Maybe you’ve done all of your business with pen and paper. Maybe your company is still using Excel sheets to store data and customer information. Maybe your employees are making cold calls by hand and writing follow-up emails one at a time.

No matter your situation, there is an automation solution for you. We will handle all the nitty-gritty and let you get back to work, and we’ll make sure that everything we create for you is user-friendly and makes your life easier, not harder. Our competitors have some of these solutions as well (we’ve used them!), but implementing them requires a knowledge of Javascript and back-end development. Will they go out of their way to show you how to use their tools? Do you really want to dig into the code to link up various APIs to make your automation tools run? Do you have time for that?


  1. Real Team. Real People. Real Time.


This is Alex. Isn’t he handsome? Alex is one of our team members here at CodePilot. Alex (or one of his equally handsome co-pilots) knows his stuff when it comes to automation, and he’s the guy who’ll be on the other side of the desk, the other end of the phone, or on the other side of the computer along your journey.

Unlike our competitors, when you choose to do automation with CodePilot, you’re choosing to work with a team. We function as your support staff, not only for your automation software, but also for your business, marketing, or fundraising challenges. If you need to call, you’ll be on the phone with one of us. If you need to email, chat, or even come in to the office for some hands-on work, you’ll get to know us by name.

We’re sure the guys at Zapier are nice enough (and we're customers ourselves), but if you show up in their office wanting to talk through your Quarter 4 pipeline over coffee and asking for advice on automating lead generation, they’re probably going to call security.

We’d just ask if you want cream and sugar.